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Aluminium Single Head Cutting Machine

Product Specification

This document details the technical specifications and standard equipment included with a single head cutting off machine designed for 90° cuts and mass production.

Technical Data:

  • Cutting Angle: 90 degrees
  • Blade Operation: Automatic blade raising for efficient operation during mass production.
  • Blade Feeding: Adjustable blade feeding mechanism for precise control.
  • Automatic Operation: Fully automated cutting cycle for streamlined production.
  • Head Protection: Full protection for the cutting head for operator safety.
  • Bar Feeder Capacity: Adjustable automatic bar feeder capable of handling bars from 0 to 600mm in length.

Standard Equipment:

  • Bar Feeder: Double stroke bar feeder for efficient material handling.
  • Saw Blade: TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) saw blade with a diameter of 500mm for durable and clean cutting performance.
  • Pneumatic Clamping: Pneumatic clamping system for secure workpiece holding during cutting.
  • Spray Mist Unit: Provides a mist of coolant or lubricant to cool the blade and workpiece, improving cutting efficiency and blade life.
  • Counter Pieces: (Possible interpretations: spare cutting blades, or additional clamping jaws)
    • If referring to spare blades, clarify the quantity included.
    • If referring to additional clamping jaws, specify the type and purpose (e.g., for clamping different material shapes).
  • Air Gun: Compressed air gun for cleaning debris and chips from the work area.
  • Air Filter: Ensures clean and dry air supply for optimal performance of the pneumatic components.