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Product Specification

ORMA-HOT PRESSE is a series of high-quality hot press machines designed for various industrial applications. These machines excel in precision, reliability, and efficiency, making them ideal for companies working with wood, plastic, composites, and other materials requiring heat and pressure for forming, bonding, or finishing.

Key Features:

  • Rugged Construction: A sturdy welded steel frame ensures stability and durability during even the most demanding pressing operations.
  • Hydraulic Power: Reliable hydraulic systems deliver consistent and powerful pressing force for optimal results.
  • Heating System: Efficient heating platens (electric or thermal oil) provide uniform heat distribution across the pressing surface.
  • Digital Control Panel: The user-friendly control panel allows for precise setting and monitoring of pressure, temperature, and pressing time.
  • Safety Features: Safety features like pressure relief valves and emergency stops prioritize operator safety.


  • Versatility: ORMA-HOT PRESSE caters to a wide range of applications with various models offering different pressing capacities and platen sizes.
  • Uniform Pressure Distribution: The robust design ensures consistent pressure distribution for high-quality results throughout the workpiece.
  • Precise Control: The digital control panel empowers operators to precisely set and maintain the desired pressing parameters.
  • Improved Efficiency: ORMA-HOT PRESSE optimizes production times with efficient heating and pressing cycles.
  • Durability: High-quality materials and construction guarantee long-lasting performance and reliability.


  • Woodworking: Veneering, laminating, gluing, panel pressing, molding, and more.
  • Plastic and Composite Processing: Forming, bonding, and finishing of thermoplastics and composites.
  • Rubber and Gasket Manufacturing: Molding and curing of rubber and gasket materials.
  • Technical Textiles: Compacting and laminating technical textiles.
  • And Many More: ORMA-HOT PRESSE machines can be adapted to various industrial pressing needs.