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Screw Type Air Compressor  (DIRECT DRIVE)

Model : MXP100/13

Make        : LAPADANA /ITALY

Air delivery        : 8500 lt/min 300CFM 510m3/h

Max pressure : 13 BAR

Pump & Trasmission Data

Type Airend : ISCA 14 GR

Brand Airend : TM.p

Transmission : Direct drive

Electrical Data

Motor rating : 100 Hp 75 kw

Absorbed power : 100 Hp/75kw

Brand electrical motor : SIMOTOP

Supply   : 3ph 400 V50hz

Auxilliary tension : 24 V

Protection class   : 55 IP

Insulation class     : F

Electrical input at full load(400V)  : 133 A

Motor rpm     : 2960

Starting up   : ΔΎ

Electrical switch setting  : RST-phases

Electronic control panel   : LOGIK19

Cooling & Capacities Oil Data

Lubricant quantity : 88 l

Top-up lubricant quantity : 5 l

Residue of oil in air : 1.1-2.9 mg/m3

Heat removed : 135000/138500 KJ/h

Fan capacity : 12900 m3/h

Operating Temperature

Min room temperature   : -5 °C

Max room temperature    : 45 °C

Max compressor temperature  : 110°C

Max final over temperature     : 13°C

General Technical Data

Connection hose line : 2”

Noise level : 72 dB(A)

Dimenson : 2160x1190x1600mm

Weight               : 1800kg

Simplified maintenance LOGIK 19 electronic controller

An efficient automatic compressor regulation system

that provides continuous monitoring of the entire compressor.

LOGIK 19 control device designed specifically for the management of

low and medium power screw compressor equipped with basic functions. 

They are equipped with RS485 serial output for connection to a PC via

ethenet interface (remote monitoring)

The controller LOGIK 19 provide a high level of safety due to the recognition 

features 3 levels of password. 

Software updates and operational parameters can be quickly uploaded and 

transformed through the RS485 serial link. This minimizes maintenance costs

and allows the long term storage of key operational date.

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