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Altech – Copy Router Boss Double Handle

Product Specification

Aluminum Single Head Copy Router, a versatile machine designed for precise profile routing applications.

Technical Data:

  • Operation: Manual single head copy router
  • Clamping System: Pneumatic clamps ensure secure workpiece holding during routing.
  • Lubrication: Integrated lubrication system for smoother tool operation and extended bit life.
  • Tracer System: Manual tracer points allow for precise profile duplication.
  • Working Capacity: 330 x 150 x 130 mm (maximum dimensions of the material that can be processed)
  • Spindle Speed: 12,000 RPM for efficient material removal.
  • Motor: Three-phase motor with 1 HP power rating (suitable for various routing tasks)

Standard Equipment:

  • Collet: D. 8mm collet for accommodating a variety of router bit shanks.
  • Pneumatic Clamping Set: Provides the pneumatic clamps used for secure workpiece holding.
  • Tracer Points (2x): Two tracer points with interchangeable tips in three diameters (5mm, 8mm, 10mm) for versatility in profile following.
  • Copy Template for Standard Executions: A basic copy template for replicating common profile shapes.
  • Profile Stop: A stop mechanism for precise positioning and consistent routing of profiles.


  • Precision Routing: Manual tracer system and high spindle speed enable accurate profile duplication.
  • Pneumatic Clamping: Ensures secure workpiece hold for optimal control and safety.
  • Lubrication System: Extends tool life and improves cutting performance.
  • Versatility: Collet size, tracer point options, and copy template provide flexibility for various routing tasks.
  • Durable Construction: Solid build quality ensures long-lasting performance.


  • Window & Door Manufacturing: Precise routing of aluminum profiles for window and door frames.
  • Furniture Production: Shaping and edge finishing of profiles used in furniture construction.
  • Sign Making: Routing of aluminum sheets and profiles for creating signage elements.
  • General Profile Processing: Versatile for various routing tasks on a range of profiles.