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Two Component Extruder Machine Supplier in GCC

Product Specification

Two Component Extruder Machine is widely used to mix

silicone,polysulfide and polyurethane sealants at an accurate rate

well proportioned and apply the sealant with high speed,which saves the

sealant and increases the efficiency compared to manual application.


1 BST BST03 adopts the world famous brand HASCO in KOREA

2 It is motivated by pneumatic power.

3 The hydraulic pressure system for the hardener has two filtering devices,

 Which increase the uniformity and hardening.

4 The valves of the basic component pump, hardener pump and proportioning

pump are made of special alloy with no leakage.

5 The mixing system adopts static reciprocating mixing with imported mixers .

Parameter s

1. Mixing Ratio 6 1 14 1

2. Basic Component Bucket 55 Gallon 200L

3. Hardener Bucket 5 Gallon 20L

4. Max Air Consumption 0.8m 3 /min

5. Sealant Air Pressure Rate 50 1

6. Max Squeezing Pressure 29Mpa

7. Air Pressure 0.5 0.8Mpa