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Glass Drilling Machine

Product Specification

A glass drilling machine is a specialized piece of equipment used to create precise holes in glass sheets. These holes are necessary for various applications, such as installing doorknobs and hinges in glass doors, attaching fixtures to glass walls, or running cables through glass partitions.

Here’s a breakdown of key aspects of glass drilling machines:


  • Single-head: These are basic machines with a single drill bit for making holes of a specific diameter.
  • Double-head: Offer more flexibility with two drill bits that can operate simultaneously, drilling holes at different locations or diameters.
  • CNC-controlled: Computer Numerically Controlled machines provide the highest level of precision and automation. They can drill complex patterns of holes with precise positioning and depth control.

How They Work:

  1. Glass Placement: The glass sheet is secured on the worktable of the machine.
  2. Drill Bit Selection: The appropriate drill bit size and type (diamond core bit) are chosen based on the hole diameter and glass thickness.
  3. Drilling Process: The drill bit is positioned and lowered onto the glass. Water or coolant is typically used during drilling to lubricate the bit, prevent overheating, and suppress dust. The machine applies pressure and rotates the drill bit to create the hole.
  4. Depth Control: Machines may have depth gauges or automatic shut-off mechanisms to ensure holes are drilled to the desired depth.


  • Precision Drilling: Creates clean, accurate holes with minimal chipping or cracks.
  • Versatility: Can handle a variety of glass thicknesses and drill hole diameters.
  • Safety: Water or coolant usage mitigates dust and reduces the risk of glass breakage.
  • Efficiency: Faster drilling compared to manual methods.

Things to Consider:

  • Glass Thickness: The machine should be compatible with the thickness of glass you plan to work with.
  • Hole Diameter: Ensure the machine can accommodate the desired range of hole sizes for your projects.
  • Cooling System: A proper water or coolant system is crucial to prevent overheating and glass damage.
  • Safety Features: Look for features like eye protection and emergency stop buttons.