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Glass Straight Line Miter Edging

Product Specification

● CGZ9325-45° is suitable for grinding flat glass with arris, variable angle and 45°
edging. 5 motors from front beam can adjustable 0~45°and as a whole to move in /out
to achieve angle adjustment.
● Coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing and chamfering can be completed in one
● The base, front and rear beams, beds and grinding heads are of casting materials
(annealed to prevent deformation),Which can bear large loads and has stable
● With reasonable design, and high precision processing, It is the best glass grinding
equipment for processing the mass production of craft glass, home appliances glass,
decoration and furniture glass, doors and architecture glass.

Main technical data:
Max.Glass size 2500×2500mm
Min.Glass size 80×80mm
Glass thickness 3-25mm
Transmission speed 0.5-5m/min
Bevel angle 0-45°
Max.hemline grinding 3mm
Max. arris grinding 2.5mm
Power 21KW
Weight 3500kg