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YG Glass Washing Machine (Up and Down)

Product Specification

Up and down type glass washing machine is produced according to the market requirement and the developed direction of glass deep processing machinery that adopt transducer for controlling the convey speed, is a kind of equipment suitable for washing flat glass with thickness3-30mm that adopt digital meter for displaying the glass thickness, and washing and drying finished at one time. Adopt 3pairs of brushes for 3-stage washing and two pairs of air knives for supporting strong wing. The washing section can be rise up and fall down which rising height can be reached 400mm, that convenient for clearing and change the brushes and water nozzle. Gear driven, chain driven combine with belt driven for transmit smoothly.

Parameter of Equipment

 Size of appearance: (L×W×H): 5400×2800×2800mm

 Height of working table: 850 ㎜  Total weight: 3500 ㎏

 Voltage: 415V±10%; 50HZ±1HZ ( If the Voltage of power is not satisfied with the condition should be preparing the manostat himself.)

 Power 22kW

 Input speed: 0m/min~9m/min

 Processing scope: Min.size of glass: 400mm×400m