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Aluminium Automatic Double Head Cutting Machine

Product Specification

The double head cutting machines are used for cutting aluminium, PVC and light alloy profiles, suitable
for series processing and special applications guaranteeing an extremely reliability. These Series, provided
with high stiffness, is equipped with two independent cutting heads, one fixed and the other one movable
which operates automatically by motor with magnetic ruler length control system (electronic machines).
All axis movements are performed on rails and slides (equipped with rack and pinion gear system).These
features enable executing centesimal precision cuts for all types of profiles even the large ones .
 Use full cutting length 5 mtrs
 Double head cutting off machine with a fixed unit on the left and automatic right head movable by
numeric control.
 1 controlled axis (linear positioning of moveable head)
 Pneumatic tilting of both heads 90°/-45°/-22,30°
 Mechanical stops for intermediate degrees.
 Integral pneumatic protection of cutting area
 Pair of horizontal pneumatic clamps with low pressure device
 Pair of vertical pneumatic clamps with low pressure device
 Movable side support 2,5 mtrs length with roller side support.
 Pneumatic spray mist lubrification,
 TCT Saw Blades Ø 500mm.
 Metric ruler on the base

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 Made in Italy
 Maximum cutting length 5000mm
 Movable head speed 10-30m/min(adjustable)
 Blade dia 500mm
 Blade speed 0 to 60m/min(adjustable)
 Blade RPM 2800
 Blade motor power 2.2kw/3hp
 Working air pressure 6-8 bar
 Weight 1750kg