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Automatic Single Edge Cutting Off Machine

Product Specification

Technical specifications and standard equipment of the FAST600, our Automatic Single Edge Cutting-Off Machine designed for precise and efficient aluminum profile cutting.

Technical Data:

  • Machine Type: Single-head cutting-off machine with frontal blade movement
  • Head Movement: Pneumatically tilting head for angled cuts (increased versatility)
  • Blade:
    • Diameter: 600mm (TCT saw blade)
    • Tilting Options: 20°/90°/135° (allows for miter cuts at various angles)
  • Motor: Three-phase motor with 5.5 HP (powerful for handling various aluminum profiles)
  • Weight: 670 kg (sturdy build for stable operation)

Standard Equipment:

  • TCT Saw Blade (Ø500mm or Ø600mm): Industrial-grade saw blade for clean and durable cutting performance (mention material suitability if applicable).
  • Two Horizontal Pneumatic Clamps: Securely hold the aluminum profile during the cutting process for precision and safety.
  • One Vertical Pneumatic Clamp: Provides additional clamping force for stability, especially for larger profiles.
  • Air Filter: Ensures clean and dry air supply for optimal pneumatic system performance.
  • Full Blade Protection: Encloses the saw blade for operator safety while allowing for easy access to the cutting area when needed.
  • Air Gun: Provides a convenient way to clean debris and chips from the work area.