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Thomas-Cutting Off Machine TMS 450-Italy

Product Specification

Cutting Off Machine, possibly an abrasive cut-off saw. Here’s a breakdown of the specifications to make it easier to understand:

Technical Data:

  • Electric Motor: 2.2 kW (3.0 HP) – This indicates a powerful motor suitable for handling various cutting tasks.
  • Blade Shaft Revolution: 3000 RPM – This high rotational speed allows for clean and fast cuts.
  • Max Blade Size: 450 mm – This specifies the diameter of the largest blade the machine can accommodate.
  • Weight with Pedestal: 145 kg – The weight signifies a sturdy machine construction for stable operation.
  • Package Dimension: 700 x 750 x 1130 mm – This provides the size of the packaged machine for transportation and storage purposes.


  • Head and Vice Revolving: The cutting head and vice can swivel left and right from 0° to 45°. This allows for miter cuts at various angles.
  • Motor Guard: Ensures operator safety by enclosing the saw blade.
  • Device for Parallel Cut: This feature likely refers to a rip fence or similar mechanism that helps maintain a straight and parallel cutting line.
  • Quick Lock Vice: Enables fast and easy clamping of the workpiece for secure cutting.
  • Pedestal in Steel Plate: Provides a solid and stable base for the machine.